Bible Backgrounds: Exodus

The Israelites Become Slaves in Egypt
Exod 1:8–14

Moses’ Early Life
Exod 1:15–2:24

Young Males in Egypt Are Killed
Exod 1:15–22

Pharaoh Tells Midwives to Kill the Male Hebrew Children
Exod 1:15–19

God Gives the Midwives Families
Exod 1:20–21

Pharaoh Tells the Egyptians to Throw Male Children into the Nile
Moses Is Saved
Exod 2:1–10

Moses Is Hidden for Three Months
Exod 2:1–2

Moses Is Hidden in a Basket
Exod 2:3–4

Pharaoh’s Daughter Finds Moses
Exod 2:5–10

Moses Kills an Egyptian
Exod 2:11–12

Moses Goes to Midian
Exod 2:13–22

Moses Flees to Midian
Exod 2:13–15

Moses Waters the Flock of the Priest of Midian
Exod 2:16–20

Moses Settles in Midian
Exod 2:21–22

The Israelites Cry Out for Help in Egypt
Exod 2:23–24

God Prepares to Lead the Israelites Out of Egypt
Exod 3:1–7:13

God Calls Moses
Exod 3:1–4:17

God Appears to Moses in a Burning Bush
Exod 3:1–4:17

Moses Returns to Egypt
Exod 4:18–28

Moses Leaves Midian
Exod 4:18–23

Zipporah Circumcises Her Son
Exod 4:24–26

Aaron and Moses Meet
Exod 4:27–28

Moses and Aaron Speak With the Elders of Israel
Exod 4:29–31

Moses and Aaron Ask for a Feast in the Wilderness
Exod 5:1–5

Israel Suffers Under Pharaoh
Exod 5:6–6:9

The Israelites Make Bricks Without Straw
Exod 5:6–14

The Israelites Complain About Making Bricks
Exod 5:15–21

God Promises Deliverance from Egypt
Exod 5:22–6:9

Moses and Aaron Tell Pharaoh to Let the Israelites Go
Exod 6:10–7:13

God Tells Moses to Tell Pharaoh to Let His People Go
Exod 6:10–13, 28–7:7

Aaron’s Staff Becomes a Serpent
Exod 7:8–13

The Ten Plagues
Exod 7:14–12:32

The First Plague
Exod 7:14–25

First Plague: the Waters of Egypt Turn to Blood
Exod 7:14–25

The Second Plague
Exod 8:1–15
Second Plague: Frogs
Exod 8:1–7

Pharaoh Asks to Take the Frogs Away
Exod 8:8–15

The Third Plague
Exod 8:16–19

Third Plague: Gnats
Exod 8:16–19

The Fourth Plague
Exod 8:20–32

Fourth Plague: Flies
Exod 8:20–24

Pharaoh Asks to Take the Flies Away
Exod 8:25–32

The Fifth Plague
Exod 9:1–7

Fifth Plague: Egyptian Livestock
Exod 9:1–7

The Sixth Plague
Exod 9:8–12

Sixth Plague: Boils
Exod 9:8–12

The Seventh Plague
Exod 9:13–35

Moses Warns Pharaoh About the Plague of Hail
Exod 9:13–21

Seventh Plague: Hail
Exod 9:22–26

Pharaoh Asks to Take the Hail Away
Exod 9:27–35

The Eighth Plague
Exod 10:1–20
Moses and Aaron Warn Pharaoh About the Plague of Locusts

Pharaoh Offers to Let the Male Israelites Go
Exod 10:7–11

Eighth Plague: Locusts
Exod 10:12–15

Pharaoh Asks to Take the Locusts Away
Exod 10:16–20

The Ninth Plague
Exod 10:21–23

Ninth Plague: Darkness
Exod 10:21–23

The Tenth Plague and Passover
Exod 10:24–12:32

Moses Warns Pharaoh of the Final Plague
Exod 10:24–29; 11:4–10

The Israelites Plunder the Egyptians
Exod 11:1–3; 12:35–36

The First Passover Is Celebrated
Exod 12:1–28, 43–50

Tenth Plague: Death of the Firstborn
Exod 12:29–32

Israelites Wander in the Wilderness
Exod 12:33–18:27

The Israelites Flee Egypt Across the Red Sea
Exod 12:33–15:21

The Israelites Leave Egypt
Exod 12:33–34, 37–42, 51
Moses Instructs Israelites on the Firstborn and Unleavened Bread
The Israelites Camp at Etham
Exod 13:17–22

Pharaoh Pursues the Israelites
Exod 14:1–14

Passage of the Red Sea
Exod 14:15–31

Moses and Miriam Lead the Israelites in Thanksgiving
Exod 15:1–21

God Provides for Israel in the Wilderness
Exod 15:22–17:7; Num 33:12–13

Bitter Water Is Made Sweet at Marah
Exod 15:22–26

The Israelites Camp at Elim
Exod 15:27

God Gives Manna and the Sabbath
Exod 16:1–36

Water Flows from a Rock at Rephidim
Exod 17:1–7

Israel Defeats Amalek
Exod 17:8–16

Moses Establishes Political Structure
Exod 18:1–27

Jethro Visits Moses
Exod 18:1–12

Jethro Advises Moses on Judicial Matters
Exod 18:13–27

The Israelites at Mt. Sinai
Exod 19:1–34:35

God Gives the Law to Israel
Exod 19:1–24:8

God Gives the Law to Israel
Exod 19:1–24:8

The Israelites Camp at Mount Sinai
Exod 19:1–2

God Gives the Terms of the Covenant
Exod 19:3–8

Moses Consecrates the People
Exod 19:9–15

God Gives the Ten Commandments
Exod 19:16–19; 20:1–20

God Gives the Book of the Covenant
Exod 19:20–25; 20:21–24:2