Isaac Settles at Beer-Lahai-Roi
Gen 25:11

Rebekah Conceives Jacob and Esau
Gen 25:19–23

Isaac Moves to Gerar
Gen 26:1, 6

God Makes a Promise to Isaac
Gen 26:2–5

Isaac Tells Abimelech Rebekah Is His Sister
Gen 26:6–11

Isaac Becomes Wealthy
Gen 26:12–16

Isaac Settles in the Valley of Gerar
Gen 26:17–22

God Appears to Isaac at Beersheba
Gen 26:23–25

Isaac Makes a Covenant With Abimelech
Gen 26:26–33

Esau’s Marriages and Jacob’s Blessings
Gen 26:34–28:9

Isaac Blesses Jacob
Gen 27:1–29

Isaac Gives Esau a Lesser Blessing
Gen 27:30–40

Jacob Flees to Haran
Gen 27:42–28:5

Isaac Dies at Hebron
Gen 35:27–29