Joseph Has Dreams About His Family
Gen 37:8–11

Joseph Tells His Second Dream to His Father and Brothers
Gen 37:9–11

Joseph Is Sold into Slavery
Gen 37:12–35

Jacob Sends Joseph to His Brothers
Gen 37:12–17

Jacob’s Sons Deceive Him
Gen 37:29–35

Joseph and His Family End up in Egypt
Gen 39:2–50:26

Jacob Sends His Sons to Egypt
Gen 42:1–5

Joseph’s Brothers Return to Jacob
Gen 42:27–38

Jacob Allows Benjamin to Go to Egypt
Gen 43:1–14

Jacob Moves His Family to Egypt
Gen 45:25–47:12

Jacob Agrees to Go to Egypt
Gen 45:25–28

God Speaks to Jacob at Beersheba
Gen 46:1–4

Jacob Goes to Egypt
Gen 46:5–7

Jacob and Joseph Reunite
Gen 46:28–34

Joseph Presents His Family to Pharaoh
Gen 47:1–10

Jacob Settles in Goshen
Gen 47:11–12

Jacob and His Sons Remain Settled in Egypt
Gen 47:13–50:26

Joseph Promises to Bury Jacob in Canaan
Gen 47:29–31

Jacob Blesses Ephraim and Manasseh
Gen 48:1–22

Jacob Blesses His Sons and Gives Burial Instructions
Gen 49:1–32

Jacob Dies in Egypt
Gen 49:33–50:3

Joseph Asks Pharaoh for Permission to Bury Jacob
Gen 50:4–6