The source of food provided miraculously for the children of Israel during their desert wanderings. The NT sees this heavenly food as a symbol of Jesus Christ as the bread of life.
Manna provided by God
Ex 16:31; Jos 5:12 See also Ex 16:32-35; Nu 11:6-9; Ne 9:15; Ps 78:24-25; Jn 6:31,49; Heb 9:4
Manna as a type
A type of the word of God Dt 8:3 See also Dt 8:16; Ne 9:20; Mt 4:4
A type of Jesus Christ Jn 6:50-51 See also Jn 6:32-35,47-48,52-58
A symbol of future blessing Rev 2:17

Coturnix coturnix, a small pheasant-type bird 19 cm. (7.5 in.) in length and weighing 100 g. (3.5 oz.). In the wilderness, God is twice reported as supplying the Israelites with quail (Heb. kĕlāw) to eat (Exod. 16:13; Num. 11:31–32). Quail pass over the Mediterranean during their annual migrations and were captured by the millions until the 1930s, when their numbers dropped (cf. Num. 11:31).
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Matthew A. Thomas