This workshop is in the form of a retreat in that it is not built around structured sessions so much as it is taking people through an outline that allows and helps them to process the conflicts in their lives.

This does not seem to be a ministry that involves Roma. Why have you developed this Workshop Retreat?

One the most painful experiences that a Christian family can go through is when a family member turns away from the faith. Over the last 20 years we have seen more and more people struggling in this area and also many young people connecting with us to talk through the issues.

It is a very small investment in terms of time but the outcomes can be enormous and that is why we have decided to have this ministry.

Why are so many people, especially young people giving up the faith?

There is no one single answer to that question. Sometimes it is the enormous pressure to conform to the moral norms of the culture which places young people into a place where they do not have tools to deal with temptation and the pressure to conform is greater than the pressure to stay in the faith of their parents.

Sometimes it is honest intellectual questions.

Very often it is that they can see no relevance within the Church to the issues in life that they are facing.

Is this happening just in America?

It is a global phenomenon but it felt strongly in the US because Evangelicalism has been for generations the nominal religion of culture.

What do you say to young people who you work with in this area?

To be honest I think listen more than we speak. We have to find the core avenue of contact with the issues people are struggling with and that does not come out in an interview style intake.

There are those that genuinely feel enormous guilt towards their parents and then there are those who actually are punishing their parents. Getting to the core is vital.

How do parents handle these situations?

It is emotionally the most catastrophic experience that some parents can endure. We must have endless levels of compassion for those in this situation.


My Parents live in a different world than I do

My Church is simply not relevant to any aspect of my life

If God were good and all powerful then why….?

I just cannot do this anymore just to keep peace in the home

My religion is something I have inherited but it is not my own

I am not against it I am just neutral to it


Be honest with myself and family

Do not close doors too quickly

Be open to being wrong


Is their Certainty?

Is there anything I would die for?

Finding new symbols to govern my life

Is there a middle way?


Becoming a Pilgrim.

Being Brutally Honest

Finding life’s signposts